Referring friends is a great way to help them get a job, find the right products and services and earn money online and it couldn’t be easier.


Sometimes, it takes a series of events to turn a number of unrelated instances into a glimpse of the future.

At LINKEDUP, you can create your own jobs and products and services links. If a product you suggest ends up with someone in your social network buying something, you get paid. While you’re endorsing a product and helping friends, why not get a bit of cash for helping the product along?

Join LINKEDUP Referrals Community to Refer and Earn Rewards or simply join us to find the career you deserve.

How It Works

  Browse, Share & Earn

Spreading the word is simple. You’ll get your own unique referral link which you can share via email or social media.

Refer Your Friend to a Job Opportunity & Products and Services and Get REWARDED!



Browse through LINKEDUP's job opportunities and product listings.
Sign up with LINKEDUP and receive daily emails on list of job and product listings according to your interest.


Click "Share" or "Refer" to help a friend.
Sending a referral is as simple as sending an email to your followers or pasting a referral link on your social media channel. To make your referral more persuasive, a good idea is to make it personal. Show them how you are using the product and how it's benefiting you.


Be rewarded with cash bonus or gift cards when there is a successful hire or purchase
For every new successful referral that completes the required action, you can earn up to SG$500 cash bonus or gift card. Details of reward will be listed in the company's job description or product description page.

We make it easy for you

Give Personal Referral Links

Every Referrals gets their own unique referral link to share with their friends.

Show Offers To Your Referee

When Referral’ friends click a referral link, they'll see a description page with your offer

Automatically Give Rewards

We'll handle your referral rewards for you automatically, making you feel special when you refer a friend

Reward Only Successful Referrals

LINKEDUP prevents self-referrals and only gives out rewards for verified referral sales/ leads.

Why Should You Refer?

You - Get paid to refer with LINKEDUP.

Job seeker - Higher chance at securing interviews and jobs. 8X more likely!

74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer.

Sign up today and increase your passive income or help a friend to get their dream job.

Join the LINKUPED community!

Richard Low

Nice to help a friend to get something they wanted by referring and get paid. Awesome!

Tian Min

The platform is really convenient to reach out to companies via their social network. I have managed to secure 2 interviews already!

Teo Keat Guan

LinkedUP has been amazing in helping me out with Job application. I have found many interesting part time assignment to build up my real world experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions


We're happy to work with any individual be it looking at the next career move/searching for a new job or simply a smart and engaged consumer who is willing to share your interests and broadcast your opinions about the products and services you like.


LINKEDUP is not a conventional job website. We are a Marketplace with Classified listings that makes searches and referrals as easy as a click.

The "recommendation economy" is increasingly important as a growing number of consumers/job seekers are tuning out traditional advertising and relying instead on their peers’ recommendations. We believe that changing the way we consume things can make life more meaningful, and the world a better place.


Sign up is Free! Go to and click on the 'Sign Up' button.

  1. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Click on 'Sign Up'.
  2. Fill in your basic information and preferences for job matchings and referral listing purposes. Click on 'Next'.
  3. Fill in your highest qualification and latest work experience to start creating your LINKEDUP Profile.
  4. Click on 'Complete'. You will be prompted to validate your email address next.


Completing your profile allows our algorithm to best match you to the right companies, providing you with the right job matches and products and services preference.


LINKEDUP's social Referring platform enables anyone to easily make job and products and services referrals for colleagues and friends. Select the job/product post you'd like to recommend to a colleague or friend, then click on the "Share" button. You can easily share the job opportunity via social media, SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, or by simply copy-pasting a URL link.


Once signed up, you will have access to a robust referral portal that will allow you to not only share content and submit referrals, but access your personal dashboard of all your referrals and earned commissions. You can login anytime to see the status of your referrals.


For Job referrals, after we verifying steady employment of full 3 months period (confirmation), we will send rewards on the last day of that month to your preferred bank or credit information submitted to us.

For Products and Services referrals, once the referee has signed up and submitted the enquiry to the company, we will send rewards on the last day of the month.

Some rewards are tied to the purchase of products/services, you will be notified when the purchase took place and we will send the rewards after verifying with the Company one week after the purchased date.

Please do not hesitate to send an email with your queries to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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